An Agent Certification Ontology
This document specifies a vocabulary for asserting the existence of official endorsements or certifications of agents, such as people and organizations.
Data Cube Visualization Ontology
This is a small vocabulary that augments RDF Data Cube with a mechanism for matching data visualizations.
Fresnel Labeling Extension
This document specifies additional extensions to the Fresnel vocabulary.
Collaborative Graph Tool Ontology
Ontologies like the IBIS vocabulary are intended to only convey their essential semantic content. There are nevertheless additional constructs, that do not belong in the core vocabulary, that need to be expressed in order to fully operationalize the information it describes as a piece of user-facing software. Such constructs include the users of the environment, and the graphical representation of the network itself, from colour palette to the relative (or absolute) geometry of the individual nodes.
IBIS (bis) Vocabulary
This document specifies a vocabulary for describing an IBIS (issue-based information system).
An Interaction Design Ontology
This vocabulary defines a number of concepts peculiar to interaction design which are not accounted for by other vocabularies.
Intertwingler Configuration Vocabulary
This document specifies the on-line configuration vocabulary for Intertwingler, a dense hypermedia engine.
Loupe: A Second-Generation RDF Display Vocabulary
This document specifies a candidate successor to the Fresnel vocabulary, that takes into account developments in RDFa, JSON-LD, SPARQL 1.1 and SHACL. In keeping with the theme of French names involving lenses, this candidate is called Loupe, which is a kind of (and indeed the generic French word for) magnifiying glass.
A Process Model Ontology
This vocabulary encodes a model for expressing generic business processes. Its purpose is to provide a language and exchange format for software applications designed to facilitate project management.
Societies Ontology
The Organization Ontology provides a core set of classes and properties useful for describing the basic structures of corporate entities. The authors deliberately left out explicit provisions for the myriad idiosyncrasies we find in organizations all around the world. The Societies Ontology is an attempt to fill some of that in.
A Stretchtext Vocabulary
This document is an attempt to define a reasonably robust and portable description of stretchtext.
Transformation Functions Ontology
This document describes functions which transform HTTP representations, i.e., the actual literal payloads of HTTP messages.